These 5 body care recommendations are perfect for you

These 5 body care recommendations are perfect for you

Body Care – In addition to paying attention to facial beauty, of course, women are also obliged to pay attention to the condition of their bodies, both in terms of body odor, skin color, and so on. For students, many have the mindset that body care is expensive. Most of them don’t even care about the condition of their bodies, even though the age of students is the age where hormones are growing rapidly and of course, care is needed for the body. Among them, such as the growth of hair in certain areas which can be annoying. To know more information about technology computers you can visit this site webimag

Because of the mindset that body care is always expensive and drains the pocket, many students are reluctant to take care of their bodies. Don’t worry, here are some body care products that are guaranteed to satisfy but still according to student prices.


Veet is a product commonly used to remove hair. The price is also affordable, ranging from Rp. 10-15 thousand. It can also be used once a month depending on the process of hair growth.

Is shaving necessary? Yup, it’s very necessary because without you realizing the presence of these hairs makes your armpits even easier to smell. In addition to armpits, Veet can also be used to remove leg hair or arm hair if you don’t like having thick hair.


Vaseline is a product to moisturize and protect the skin from sun exposure. Why Vaseline? Actually you don’t have to, you can use another handbody, but you should use a handbody that can protect from UV rays so that the skin is not striped or black. This Vaseline is not sticky and can lighten the skin, but the smell is not too fragrant. The price is also affordable, ranging from IDR 20-30 thousand.

My baby’s telon oil.

For those of you who like the smell of babies, you can use My baby telon oil. This is because the fragrance is long lasting and unique to babies. Telon oil can be used as body care so that you have a distinctive fragrance that is different from other friends. And of course the smell is quite popular. The price of My baby telon oil is also affordable, between IDR 15-20 thousand.


Rexona is a product to reduce underarm odor. Because of course, with a solid activity, it will definitely produce a lot of sweat, so deodorant is needed to overcome body odor and burkets. The price of Rexona is between IDR 25-30 thousand.


Fragrant oil or perfume is certainly very attached to women. Well, for affordable perfumes that smell good, you can buy Pucelle or other products according to your taste.

Well, those are some bodycare recommendations that are good and don’t drain student wallets. Good luck.

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