Focusing on critical research, analysis, and presentation, the capstone project enables students to synthesise and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the course. The module provides students with an extensive programme of training and resources which are designed to aid them in the development, planning, research, and writing of their projects. It brings together students from several MA programmes in the School of Critical Studies and Creative Industries and embeds a range of interdisciplinary and practice-led approaches to their respective fields of study.

At Regent’s, assessments are designed to consolidate your learning – helping you develop practical skills that’ll be useful in your future career. You’ll explore topics from a wide range of perspectives, learn to understand the relationships between subjects and start to connect themes and topics across modules. A student who wishes to attend an “ineligible” school, which includes any school in the USA, will forfeit all funding from that semester going forward and all current loans will become due with immediate effect. For any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please email the US Loans Advisor at . For questions regarding what an “eligible” or “deferment only” school is, please email the IPO office, or before applying for a programme with an SPA module. This interdisciplinary degree will train you to become a creative manager who is able to successfully manage teams and major projects across the globe.

Martial Arts Business Awards

2 for myself and 3 to send to others in the industry who I know will benefit greatly as I myself have. This book is worth every penny and has blown me away to the point I will be going on Gordon’s training weekends and using his advice to go full-time building the family life I want. I brought the audio book first and was blown away so brought the book so I could reference the the charts etc described in audio. Things that you thought you knew, things that people told you, you knew, and things that you maybe heard, read, forgotten or just plain imagined, you knew.

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  • Steve Bulcock works across a range of digital media including animation, motion graphics and digital drawing systems.
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You will need to budget additional funds for accommodation and living expenses, travel, and any additional trips, visits, activities or courses that you choose to participate in outside of the tuition offered as part of the programme. If you don’t, please email them tostraight after you complete your application. If you haven’t received your exam results,you can still apply, and we can issue aconditional offer.

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There was a wide range of students from different backgrounds on the course, which brought a depth of experience to the classes. The facilities at Kingston were excellent, with tutors available to give as much or as little help as needed or wanted. Course leader, Stephanie Dieckvoss, contributed to a panel discussion on art as investment, hosted by Dellasposa Gallery – watch the full discussion in this video.

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Volunteer opportunities at the annual Art Business Conference in London, allowing you to network with art world professionals and learn about the latest developments in the trade. Partnership with the Kingston Business School allows you access to cutting-edge business thinking combining the creative culture of an art school with testing in real world contexts. They have combined business elements with many other areas of interest, such as Fashion, Graphics, Real Estate Management, Retailing, Media/Communications, and Music. You will have previous professional experience in a visual arts environment and will have knowledge of current technologies required for the display of work.