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Tiny earbuds can harm your listening to as much as a big chainsaw. Don’t stick issues like cotton swabs and fingernails into them. Doing so can scratch the ear canal, push earwax deeper into the ear, and even rupture the eardrum. If earwax bothers you, discuss to a parent, who can let your doctor know.

Unless otherwise said, copyright is owned by the Paediatric Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) and Starship Foundation. How are you aware in case your baby is eating an excessive amount of or too little? A registered dietitian explains and offers a serving size guide. Turn down the volume on video games, TV and, particularly, transportable music gamers. Wear listening to safety (like earplugs or protecting earmuffs/headphones) when you’ll be round loud noises (at a concert, automobile race, etc.).

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