Skincare: These 5 Products Must Have Every Girl.

Skincare has become a necessity for almost every girl in the world. Even though we are not really into the world of skincare, we need to remember that taking care of ourselves is a must.

Therefore, there are some skincare products that every girl really must-have, here!

Let’s talk about what skincare products every girl should have!

Micellar Water

The double cleansing technique is mandatory for every girl.

Both are those who are still very newbies in the world of skincare, especially those who are very advanced.

Because double cleansing is a must, micellar water products are one of the must-have skincare products for every girl.

Micellar water functions as a first cleanser that will remove makeup and dirt caused by pollution.

For example, if we are not comfortable using micellar water, we can use a cleansing oil, face wipes, and other products as a first cleanser.

Face Wash

This one is a must-have for every girl.

It’s not enough to clean your face using micellar water once, girls!

There is still a lot of residual makeup and dirt on the face which if not cleaned thoroughly will cause serious skin problems such as acne, spots, and so on.

Choose the type of face wash that suits your skin type and problems, OK!


This product has many uses.

Among them is removing the remnants of makeup and dirt that are still attached to the face that has been cleaned using a face wash.

In addition, the toner will provide hydration to the skin so that it looks fresher and moisturized.

There is also a type of exfoliating toner that will remove dead skin cells so that the skin can become more shiny and flawless.

From now on, don’t skip toner anymore, ok?


The use of moisturizer is more important and very basic than the use of serum/essence or cream, you know!

How come? Moisturizer works to provide moisture and nourish the skin so that it looks healthy.

This product has an important role in creating a better skin barrier because it provides hydration.

Not only dry skin owners, but oily skin owners also need a moisturizer.

Who would have thought, this product will help reduce excess sebum production, you know!


There are still many who underestimate the use of sunscreen.

This product is clearly an effort to protect the skin from the dangers of sunlight and free radicals that can damage our skin.

Even if we are at home, it is still mandatory to use sunscreen, you know!

Because the sun’s rays still enter indirectly into our homes through the reflection of the window glass at home.

Sunscreen is also not enough to be applied once. Apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours, yes!