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Outside Ait Ben Haddou, we had a private preview of another fledgling gallery space with local artist Aissa Joud, sporting a black fedora, ripped skinny jeans and a pink Calvin Klein hoodie. Smoked almonds and silver teapots were laid out for us in a cavernous space with arched ceilings, carved cedarwood doors and 1950s radios, and Arabic dance music bouncing off the gallery’s giant canvases. Pomegranate, walnut, willow and carob trees gave way to date palms and bald mountains as the dirt beneath our wheels got thirstier. Tagines, lids clamped down by plump mandarins, bubbled at roadside stalls. I caught a distant glimpse of sure-footed goats running full-pelt down a sheer escarpment like scuttling beetles. They forage in the mountains for acorns, but they come here at night,” he explained as we skirted the fortified hilltop gardens that supply the village with fruit and vegetables.

  • You get benefits like loss or damage to ski equipment, lost ski passes, avalanche cover or resort closure.
  • And in the belly of Marrakesh’s medina we met local artisans who are breathing new life into traditional crafts such as embroidery, to help broker incomes for disadvantaged communities.
  • Most UK travellers know they need to get specialist winter sports cover if they are skiing or snowboarding on holiday.
  • This is why mountain biking is excluded from almost all travel insurance policies.
  • There are some outliers than we allow into the down-country fold.
  • You’ll need tighter reins compared to a true down-country bike, but the Epic Evo is more than capable of winning on Sunday, shredding on Monday.

Whatever your limits – we’ve got the summer holiday for you. We cover cycling gadgets, for example, your Garmin, Wahoo, GoPro or other high-value electrical items. Please read the policy to know you’re getting the right cover for your trip and activities.

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Mountain biking would be classed as an extreme sport by some travel insurance providers, and therefore, not always covered within their policy. I’m looking for travel insurance to cover a trip abroad including my sport. Our worldwide Mountain Biking Travel Insurance can cover you whilst mountain biking abroad for leisure or competition. Includes cover for medical and repatriation costs, trip cancellation, plus more.

With choice at every stage, this is a centre-based walking holiday in the majestic Upper Engadin, just down the valley from St. Moritz. In their writing and scope, their witticisms and reflections. Reading this book one not just discovers great mountain adventures from Nanda Devi and Karakorum to mount Kenya and Patagonia glaciers but the best mountaineering philosophy.

Select the most appropriate and have confidence that you will be protected should you get injured out on the trails. Our policies have all the covers you’d expect from top-notch travel insurance and cover almost all cycling activities. For this, you can purchase our bundled home and bike insurance, or we also offer a no strings attached rolling monthly cycle insurance. Each level will cover progressively higher risk mountain biking and holiday sports activities. For instance, if you are taking part in amateur competitive events, downhill, or dirt jumping, then you would need to select either extreme or pro adventure cover. Use the ‘find my level of cover’ tool in part 1 above to select the correct policy option.

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Taxis are the quickest and most convenient way to reach your destination. There is no hanging around, no standing in line at the hire car desk and no stopping at other resorts or hubs as they do with the bus. If the number of people are right, it can be good value for money. If you have a valid cancellation claim, the cancellation section will refund you for all non-recoverable fees, including Visas, but only for the length of your cancelled trip.

This varies according to the timetable as well as traffic and weather conditions. Prices are based on travel from Val d’Isere or Tignes to the destination listed. We would advise all customers check with the rental agent at the time of booking that they are compliant and they will provide the correct car. We have partnered with who find the best deals from the car hire companies and whose rates are very competitive, backed up by a great UK based customer service team for continued support.

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Mountain bike travel insurance is a must-have if mountain biking is the primary purpose of your holiday or trip, especially if you’re taking part in a timed event. A specialist travel insurance provider will cover you for injuries you sustain whilst mountain biking and importantly include search and rescue as well as repatriation. Annual multi Trip Policies cover you for 365 days from your selected start date – Trip length is often limited to around 31, 45 or 55 days, but this is dependent on your chosen product.