Great ideas for a gender-reveal party

For many people, having a child is the best thing that can happen to them, but the run-up to it is just as much fun. Walking around with a baby in your belly, a baby shower and thinking about names. Buying children’s clothes and painting and decorating the baby’s room are also fun things to do, but then of course it is important to know what the gender of your child is. You can find this out by making an ultrasound or by doing a peekaboo gender test. Some people choose to find out after the birth, while others go big with a gender-reveal party. Announcing the gender can be done in many different ways. In this article you can find inspiration for creative ways to announce the gender of your child. 

A piñata 

Buy a gender reveal piñata and whip it up! Secretly quite nice with all those raging hormones. Or let the future big brother or sister have a go. It often takes a bit of slapping, but then it’s extra fun when the confetti flutters down. 

A surprise cake 

Have a gender reveal cake made at the bakery. The outside will be neutral and once you cut the cake open together you’ll see if the inside is blue or pink! You can get them all different ways, with blue or pink M&Ms or buttercream, for example. Cut the cake with loved ones there. Whatever color it is, it’s another good excuse to eat cake anyway!  

A smoke signal 

Smoke gives a fantastic effect, especially if there is a little bit of wind. With a smoke powder cannon or a smoke bomb, the whole sky turns a beautiful blue or pink color in no time! The smoke can also be seen from a distance, so it’s great to do the gender reveal from your balcony or garden with your loved ones at a distance.  

Have filled cakes or cookies delivered 

Another great idea is to have filled cakes or cookies delivered . Have filled cakes or cookies made with ‘the color’ on the inside and then deliver them to your friends. Arrange a time for a video chat and let everyone take a bite at the same time. And after that, of course, you can make your own. You can do that at the same time too, of course. Tip! Record the video chat so you can see everyone’s surprised faces again, piece by piece.