Best Locally Made Skin Care Recommendations

Best Locally Made Skin Care Recommendations. In recent years, body, face, and hair care products have become a trend. At first, the products that were being hit were from South Korea. Over time, Indonesia also made its own products with no less good quality. Here is the best locally made skincare that can be used as a recommendation.

Dewi Skin, Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Best Locally Made Skin Care Recommendations. The first best skincare is Skin Dewi. This one body care product is suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin. However, Skin Dewi also has the advantage of moisturizing the skin and improving acne-prone skin. This is because this skincare contains selected spices. One of the most popular products is Hazelnut Cleansing Milk. This is a cleansing milk product that claims to clean dirt right down to the pores. This product is also able to fight acne and improve problem skin.

Votre Peau, Ingredients Originating from France

Votre Peau is now attracting attention. This is because the product uses ingredients from France whose quality is guaranteed. For the product itself, there are various kinds and some of them are promoted. For the serum, several reviews say that this product can treat acne that can appear at any time. This Votre Peau belongs to a dermatologist named Kevin Maharis who also owns the Maharis beauty clinic.

Wardah, Famous Skin Care Products From the Past

Another well-known skincare is Wardah. Where this one brand initially issued cosmetic products. But over time, Wardah also launched care products with various functions. For example creams, serums, facial wash, and many more. The best seller product itself is called Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence. This product contains extracts of edelweiss, niacinamide, and silvervine plants which function to remove black spots on the face.

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Lacoco, Widely Used By Influencers

Another recommended local skincare brand is Lacoco. This one brand provides several products for body care. Such as facial foam, serum, essence, and mask. One of the products that they are most proud of is the Hydrating Divine Essence which is used after applying to make up.

For Sake Skin, Has Organic Ingredients

For those of you who want organic skincare, you can use For Skin Sake. Body care products for this one brand are in great demand. However, the most popular are serums. This is because all of them have vitamin C which has a function to treat dull skin, even out skin tone, and treat hyperpigmentation.

Emina, Millennial Generation’s Favorite Brand

Another best skincare is Emina, which is now being loved by millennials. This is because Emina always has the latest products from day today. Both skincare and cosmetics make teenagers unable to afford it. Another factor that Emina likes is prevalent. Namely, the price is very affordable.

Avoskin, One Of Its Products Has Been Out in 24 Hours

One of them is the Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence which was sold out in 24 hours. This is because these products can clean, moisturize, and brighten facial skin. This has also been proven by a beauty influencer named Suhay Salim. Where this product really helps to get rid of what is called bruntusan. In fact, the bruntusan was severe.

The Bath Box, Skin Care You Need to Try

Maybe many of you know that The Bath Box only provides body care while bathing. Like soap and shampoo. However, The Bath Box has released products for facial care over time. Maybe many of you know that The Bath Box only provides body care while bathing. Like soap and shampoo. However, The Bath Box has released products for facial care over time.

Sariayu, Legendary Brand in Indonesia

Furthermore, there is Sariayu which is a legendary brand in Indonesia. There are several products launched from this brand of skincare. However, what has been liked the most to date is the Sariayu Putih Langsat Peel-off Mask. With various ingredients such as hibiscus flower extract, langsat fruit extract, and vitamin B5, many benefits can be obtained.